Dreams and Fantasies

My eternal disclaimer applies to all my blog posts

Weird Dream

So the night of my first post back I had a really weird dream. I guess because my brain was thinking mental health, kink, submission etc it kinda merged and my brain came out with this… So I was a member of a discord community for my state that was a Mental Health support kinkContinue reading “Weird Dream”

LDR Fantasy

“Baby girl” Daddy’s voice in my ear through the headset. “Yes Daddy?” I say half distracted as I colour, what colour comes next? She should be wearing a green dress, of course she should, but what colour should her hair be? “Baby girl” I hear in a more firm and commanding voice, demanding my attention.Continue reading “LDR Fantasy”

Learning Times

I had a nice fantasy this morning in the shower. Daddy and I had a nice quiet night together. Nothing exciting, just dinner and a movie, then headed for bed. As soon as the door closed Daddy says “It’s learning time baby girl!” I was excited, because Daddy have taught me all sorts of things,Continue reading “Learning Times”

New Collection Time!

So there’s not much left of the Disney painting, so I’m adding a new “collection” Dreams and Fantasies. Most of these will be sexual in nature, you have been warned!

About this collection

Exploring my dreams (the ones I actually have while sleeping) and fantasies. This colelction will be mostly sexual so you have been warned.

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