Things little one wants

  • Bedtime
  • Always told goodnight and given any bedtime instructions
    • little one would love to be randomly told to sleep with plugs, balls, bullets, and any other toys Daddy would enjoy knowing is on or inside her
  • Limits on time wasting activities without permission to extend.
  • Expectations that keep evolving to stretch little one as a person (exercise, diet, smoking cessation, hobbies, finances, etc)
  • Daddy to have rules about (or outright tell little one) what to wear
  • Sleep sex
  • To be used by Daddy
  • Allowed to fully relax, trust, and regress with Daddy.
  • Follow through, checking and punishment when expectations and rules are not met
  • Bathtime with Daddy
  • Daddy reads/follows little one’s blog
  • Pacifier
  • Random tasks Daddy wants done.
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