Eternal Disclaimer

Okay, so I don’t have to do this every time I post about BSDM themes and my observations and opinions I’m making this post.

ALL of my posts about BDSM themes, Dominants, submissives, DDLG, CTbg, fantasies, dreams, observations, thoughts, etc are MINE and mine alone. These are not meant to be taken as how you should engage in your lifestyle.

They ALL also are written from a stance of BDSM NOT abuse. Unless I state otherwise I’m talking about healthy BDSM relationships. Consensual. When I talk about “bad fit” or “wrong Dom” or “things go badly” unless I specify abuse I mean regular relationship issues, mismatch needs, personality clash, etc.

Anyone who tried to tell you how you MUST do kink, BDSM, submit, dominate, etc etc and that if you’re not doing it x way you’re not doing it right is to be considered with caution. Here in my local scene we call them one-true-wayers and view them as Kink Cultists .. this is not a good thing.

This has an obvious exception of people who are looking to teach you how to do impact play, breath play, suspension, bondage, hypnotism etc safely, I’m referring specifically to dynamics here and not the obvious physical and psychological activities that newbies SHOULD look for guidance on to play safely. PLEASE seek their credentials and references if you’re getting mentor-ship for these things or enrol in well regarded workshops in your local community.

The only thing you MUST do is make sure that your scenes are consensual and that you have done ALL the education on the type of thing you are looking to participate in and be aware of the risks and all the steps you can take to mitigate them.

You can find local scene events and workshops on places like Fetlife, local event guides, and through word of mouth. NEVER be afraid to ask friends or acquaintances you know in the scene for recommendations or if they have heard anything about the event of the event runners.

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