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So I didn’t get to post last night because I won Rock Paper Scissors and had to cook dinner. I’m really not sure how winning got me punished, but somehow it got twisted around I spent the day reading, so I didn’t have much to update anyway, it was a nice quiet day. I’ve nowContinue reading “Pffft”

Bloggus Interruptus

Okay so some unexpected family and friends visits and stays got in the way of my schedule for two days of blogging, apologies to my hoards of readers 🙂 It’s just over half an hour til sleep time so the highlights from the last two days: lil sis bought a bookcase and all new beddingContinue reading “Bloggus Interruptus”


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This is mah blog! Where I write mah thoughts! Sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are not!

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This is where I share big and lil toys, ‘n books, ‘n colouring, ‘n other sool stuffs I finds!

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